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Real Food Challenge has been nominated for the unite4:inspiration awards! We’re up for voting the month of September -- if we win this month, we have a chance to win up to $75,000 as a finalist in January.

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Above, right to left: Steph Yee testifying for including real food in the California State University system-wide sustainability policy. Hannah Weinronk celebrating University of Massachusetts' signing of the Real Food Campus Commitment with co-leader Molly Bajgot. Sunny Kim marching in solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

Often awards only celebrate an individual -- we’re thrilled that RFC Steering Committee members Steph Yee, Hannah Weinronk, and Sunny Kim get to represent all of us in this nomination!

This is a big deal -- $75,000 means more organizing, more training, more winning for real food! These funds would support campus visits, retreats, research, organizers, and all of our campaigns to shift more $ to a real food economy.

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