Real Food Generation - National Summit 2016

Real Food Generation -- RFC National Summit 2016


This fall, we are taking action for a real food system. If we want justice, resilience, and democracy at the center of our food economy, we need to build the movement for a giant, generational shift. We must build our vision, our skills, and our power to get there.

Real Food Generation will be our most powerful summit yet, gathering student leaders and allies building the movement for a real food system.

It doesn't happen without you.

Join us September 23-25 @ The University of Georgia in Athens to take action, learn organizing skills, plan campaigns, and build the movement for real food.

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*Early registration deadline is 9/10!*

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For general inquiries about the summit, email


What to pack:
The forecast says it will be in the high 80s during our time together in Athens. Please bring clothing that will keep you comfortable in a mix of indoor (climate controlled) and outdoor (walking, marching) situations. For a full list of recommended packing items, please click here. 

Limited scholarships are available to support attendee travel costs. Priority will be given to folks traveling longer distances (i.e. from the West coast, Northeast) and folks coming from schools with limited financial resources. We expect all attendees to work to fundraise to cover some of their costs. For more information, email

*Please read the full Travel Guide, in addition to the following notes:

Travel Information - Driving: 
The summit will take place primarily at the UGA Miller Learning Center, at 48 Baxter St. Athens, GA 30605. Overnight parking will be free (if you leave your car in the garage through Sunday afternoon/evening) at the Tate Center Parking Deck

Travel Information - Flying: 
All flights should arrive at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (the only major airport in Atlanta!). Reduced rate shuttles (via Groome Transportation) will then be available to transport you from the airport directly to UGA campus (apx. 1 hour). You should book your shuttle service in advance (round trip = $60) online here. You can find instructions about how to get to the shuttle once you arrive at the Atlanta airport here

Also, please be careful with when you book your arrival and departure flights:

  • Arrivals: Make sure to book your flight to arrive by 1:00pm EST on Friday, September 23. Summit registration opens at 3:00pm, and it will likely take 2 hours to get from gate to UGA using ground transportation.
  • Departures: Book your flight to leave after 8:00pm EST on Sunday, September 25. Everyone will be on the road to Atlanta by 5:00pm, again allowing for 2 hours before you need to be at your gate.

Travel Tracker:
Once you've booked or scheduled your travel, please help us out by tracking it in this form: Flight Tracker. This will help us smoothly manage your arrival & registration and help you out if anything goes wrong.



All participants will be able to stay over at the Miller Learning Center during the summit. We encourage everyone to bring blankets/sleeping bag and padding to make you comfortable. A limited number of inflatable pads and sleeping bags will be available to borrow, if requested in advance. Private rooms and rooms with beds will be available for those who need them, if requested in advance. 


The summit site will be wheelchair accessible. The program schedule will start with breakfast at 8:00am and will go until evening, with breaks and meals in between. There will be an outdoor action at the summit that may include walking the equivalent of 2-3 blocks. For additional questions about accessibility needs, please contact For a more detailed run-down of Accessibility issues at the summit, please read our Accessibility Guide


Full Schedule: 1-Page Overview (download)

Our schedule starts at 3pm on Friday, September 23, and ends at 4pm on Sunday, September 25. There will be more than 15 workshops, panel discussions and campaign strategy sessions. Click here for some workshop highlights.

"Come to the Table" Action

The weekend will also feature a major march & demonstration in support of Real Food UGA's campaign for the Campus Commitment. Here's an explanation:

There is a long legacy of exploitation in our food system, which we see today in the working conditions of our farmworkers, the healthy food options in poor communities and the accelerating pace of climate change.  From research to corporate reps on the board of trustees, UGA has been part of that legacy and supported it. But, the food system in Georgia and the South is changing. New farmworker-led programs are creating new opportunities for work with dignity; local communities are fighting against animal confinements & raising livestock more humanely; new coops & black land recovery projects are on the rise.

The question is: will the University come to the table to genuinely serve the people of Georgia and help build up a just food system? OR, will it be stuck in the past patterns of exploitation?

This weekend we join Real Food UGA in action, to demonstrate the broad support for Real Food in our community, and nationally. We’ll sit together at a literal -- and metaphorical -- table outside the President’s office -- and demand that they join us.  The movement for Real Food at UGA is growing, and with our support, it will not be ignored!


Real Food Challenge national summits are the heartbeat of our movement-building for a just and sustainable food system. Donate today to support this essential national gathering, to build skills and power for real food system change.